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gives you the tools to make a measurable difference


94% of companies say high levels of employee engagement give them competitive advantage


70% of engaged employees say they have a good understanding of their customers’ needs; only 17% of disengaged employees say the same


organisations with high employee engagement lose 51% fewer staff


organisations with high levels of employee engagement deliver twice the profit


organisations with high employee engagement are up to 35% more efficient

Our leadership and engagement training delivers:

More  loyal customers

Increased management capability and leadership skills

Better performing people

More confident innovation and problem solving

Consistent profits

Access to funding and finance

Measurable competitive advantage

Long term financial stability and growth

This is how it works

We have two monthly training programmes. We call them Revolution and Evolution.

Revolution is a rolling programme that gives you capability and confidence to plan prioritise and action changes that engage employees and drive organisation performance.

Evolution is the cost effective alternative ideally suited to smaller businesses.

Subscribe to one of our monthly programmes to access all the information and knowledge you need to develop your service profit chain.

connect 4 gives you the capability and confidence to plan, prioritise and progress actions that improve organisation performance. Our programme shows you how to develop engaging plans, how to engage your employees and how to engage your customers.

Not sure which programme would be best for you? Book yourself on to our next evolution workshop (for free) and experience first-hand how we can help you.

connect 4 12 step programme

Join Us

12 two hour workshops

post workshop support

organisation audit

£75 per month

Whichever programme you choose you’ll have access to a wealth of information and experience and the invaluable opportunity to learn alongside people from a variety of other businesses and sectors.

Not sure which programme would be best for you?

Book yourself on to our next evolution workshop and see for yourself.

12 full day workshops

personal coaching

comprehensive diagnostic

£475 per month

who we are

connect 4 is a product from People Essentials Limited – the brainchild of years of working with growing organisations in the fields of leadership, engagement and HR.

Our experience of working with organisations big, small and in all sectors has shown that although the UK is a great place to start a business many struggle to scale up and grow. We get excited about helping organisations become more successful by connecting with and strengthening the links of their service chain.

We have a strong belief that engagement can change individual and organisation performance and a frustration that the majority of support available to help organisations focuses on outputs and not the inputs that make change happen.

Using our practical expertise and know how we’ve created connect 4 to give small, ambitious businesses the practical support and tools they need to drive productivity and growth.


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