Marathon struggle

I ran 15 miles yesterday.

I should be proud because that’s the furthest I have ever run, but I can’t help but feel disappointed. My marathon training plan said I had to do 16 miles – I only managed 15 and didn’t feel that great doing it either!

As the Marathon is getting closer and training demands increase I’m starting to realise how difficult it is to keep myself motivated! There’s just 9 weeks to go (gulp) and looking back I can see how far I have come and what I have achieved. Just 9 miles to go, that’s only an extra mile a week.
Luckily I’m not doing the Paris Marathon on my own – of the 57,000 people who have entered this year there is me, my sister and brother. I’m really starting to appreciate the importance of running with them and simply talking to them – sharing experiences, tips and keeping each other on track.

The parallels between sport and business have never been so obvious!

The top 3 reasons business struggle to succeed and grow demonstrate why the role of a manager can be difficult and lonely too;

  1. Can’t attract and keep employees with the skills you need
  2. Lack of leadership experience
  3. Difficulty accessing the right customers/markets

We work with organisations who want to address these growing pains and earn the rewards of driving employee engagement;

  • Companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue (Aberdeen)
  • Businesses with high employee engagement have 28% less internal theft and 21% higher productivity (Gallup)
  • Disengaged employees are 12 times more likely to leave than highly engaged employees over the period of a year (Glint)

Our evolution workshops provide a valuable source of learning, the opportunity to share and learn from each other’s experience and a guiding hand helping ensure you can actually apply what you have learnt.

Not only do we build your personal and organisation capabilities we also help create the momentum for lasting change and growth.
Sounds perfect doesn’t it! Well it gets better as we’re offering you the chance to find out more and attend our next evolution breakfast for free.

Book now while there are still places available and use the coupon code SCALEUP2017.



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